Multi-Purpose Wheat Straw Plastic Basket

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1. Cut and wash, easy and fast, rotating buckle, automatic rotation Angle, asphalt basket is always stable, easy to wash vegetable and drainage.
2. You can use a different knife head according to your requirements, it is more convenient for you to cook. You can cut vegetables and then clean them directly through a drainage device.
3. Comfortable handle can be controlled with one hand, free one hand.
4.The cutting cover can be removed freely for easy use.
5.Asphalt clean fast, that is, wash and drain.

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Size – 11.02 X 10.3 X 4.92 inchMaterialMade from eco-friendly, nontoxic, durable, food grade PP.Separable Design2 layers drain basket, includes inner basket with holes for straining and outer bowl for retaining liquids and water.You can put it on the table and will not wet table.Kitchen Essential Tool -Works for draining most foods like spaghetti, pasta, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach and other veggies.User these strainers to rinse your salad leafs, fruits and fresh vegetables.Best Gift -A nice gift item for an inspiring young chef or any household without a set colander strainer baskets, as they’re a necessary cooking essential.





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